Gruppo Tuo Rome, Italy.

Gruppo TUO is an holding company operates in the large-scale retail trade sector borns in Rome in 1993, on impulse of the young Sicilian entrepreneur Antonino FARANDA, at that time not still twenty five years old.

The FARANDA  intuitions was transfer in Italy, adapting to habits and demands of the local market, the concept of hard discount, already diffused in the countries of Central Europe and in particular in Germany.

The Antonio FARANDA idea reveals at once winning: an always more vast public is turned to the “Gruppo TUO” sale points that sees grow, in a very short time the number the showcases and his sales.

Besides the discount in the “Gruppo TUO” points at the distribution to brand, tiing to the Despar brand.

Currently, besides the discount Tuodì, is part of the Antonino FARANDA  group even the mark Doreca .


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