Antonino Faranda.

Antonino FarandaAntonino FARANDA, “Gruppo TUO spa” president, is an entrepreneur that descends from an active family in commerce in Capo d’Orlando in Messina province from the ’40 years.

It was a nearly natural step, in 1984, sixteen years old, start to work in the family firm, active in the agroindustrial distribution to the little dealers in the zone.

The step change for the Antonino FARANDA entrepreneurial life happens in the first ’90 years.
His desire to grow and his intuitions bring him to discover, in Germany, the large – scale retail trade called no brand: so in Rome the first discount in Italian style was born.

In few years the sale points are multiplied. The “Gruppo TUO” across its brand, starts to be diffused in all middle Italy.

FARANDA looks always forward and widens his group horizons, bringing a novelty wave in the great distribution organized sector.

The expansion of the “Gruppo TUO” point of purchase has brought the entrepreneur Antonino FARANDA to invest even in works of retraining in some Rome district.

Without forgetting the social thing of Antonino FARANDA that is demonstrates across the support to numerous Onlus organizations. FARANDA in person is the founder partner of the onlus “macro amici” whose sweep is valorize the museum of contemporary art in Rome activities


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